6 June 2008

Ode to the young Farabough's

Today is my brothers 10 year anniversary! 10 years!! I am so pleased for the two of them. Since getting married at 19, they have finished school, both graduating with honours. My brother completing a masters in Accounting in only 1 year and then finishing his CPA exam in the top 1% of the entire country. And if that wasn’t enough, they move to New York so my brother could go to law school at Cornell while Christy worked as the executive assistant to the Vice President of Cornell University. Then, in my brothers last year of law school, they had their first child. A lovely, perfect little boy named Michael Ryan. So my brother finished law school, got loads of amazing job offers and decided to settle for a HUGE salary at a big firm in Dallas. Then my dad got sick and to make a long story short, my brother decided that family was more important and the younger Farabough's moved to Tulsa to help out the older Farabough's. While there, they had their second child, a beautiful amazing girl named Natalie Nicole. Several years later Christy is teaching at the school and being a great mom to her two little kids and Ryan is working with our dad at his building company.

So, to sum up, even though getting married at 19, the young Farabough's have shown amazing resolve, determination and have been highly successful. Well done Ryan and Christy. Well done.

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