4 June 2008

a few thoughts...

1. Since I first began my historical studies, I have wanted to work at the Imperial War Museum. This desire was further cemented the first time I visited. Words are not enough to describe the immense joy I felt. It was amazing and I was instantly captivated. I regularly check their recruitment site, looking for job openings. Rarely do they have any. Since I moved to the UK in August and have actually become eligible to work there, they have had 2 openings. The first was Senior Conservation Manager. The job was managing not only the entire archivist staff, but overseeing all of the museums documents and exhibits; their preservation, research use etc... Clearly a bit out of my depth of experience, but I applied anyway. As could be expected, I did not get the job. boo. But their second job post is PERFECT for me. The title is Education Officer and the role is teaching the students that come through the museum. But wait, its gets better. It is teaching Military History, specifically on the First and Second World Wars with a bit of attention on post 1945 conflicts! How perfect is that?! Oh, I want this job so badly. If any of you reading this know the hiring manager at the Imperial War Museum, give them a call and get me an interview!!

2. Rhys and I are going to Malta! I have never been, nor has he, but we have heard it is fantastic! At the end of the day its a tropical island with lots of beaches and history to it, so it cant be that bad! We are going the third week in July! I am so excited to go on vacation I can hardly stand it! If anyone has good suggestions about what to do in Malta, I would love to hear them!

3. We are getting a new car. Well, it won’t be new, but new to us! we need an automatic. I can’t seem to master the opposite side of the rode while shifting with my left hand. I didn’t like manual cars in the US, let alone driving one over here! The best part is that there is potential we are going to get the kind of car I want...an Astra! I have attached a picture below for those of you not familiar with Vauxhalls. Let’s hope the deal works out and this will be my new car! mind you, ours will be 4 door and not black...but you get the idea.

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Devi said...

Oh man that job sounds so perfect for you. I hope you get it. Keep me posted. And what a cute car. Love it. Is it the kind you eventually got?