5 May 2009

he is the greatest

I have lots of thoughts floating around in my mind....but neither the will nor the energy to write it all out. i am exhausted and for no good reason. every time i say that to friends they remind me that i am pregnant and that is good enough reason. perhaps. but i am still of the mindset that you actually have to do something to feel tired. sitting on the couch, watching sitcom re-runs and eating goldfish does not actually count as doing something. so, i am tired for no reason other than the fact that i am growing a human.

but i do want to mention, once again, how great my husband is. he is great. pretty much since the day i met him when people asked about him, i said that he was perfect. i still say that. because its true. he is perfect.

on this particular day i would like to honour him with a post because of rugby. this weekend was a big 7's tournament (7's because the game is played with 7 players instead of the usual 15...plus the rules are slightly different) anyway...big tournament, lots of teams, lots of players...and rhys was the best. literally. not only did his team win the entire tournament, but they won in the final minutes thanks to a try by my wonderful and talented husband. he then converted with a kick (at a difficult angle by the way) to gain victory for his team! but if that wasn’t enough, at the awards ceremony in the evening, following the tournament and a regular 15 side rugby game, Rhys was honoured with the "Player of the Tournament" award. see? its not just me that thinks he is great. its every body...so great in fact that they gave him an award. it is sitting on our shelf next to the "Player of the Year" trophy the club game him last year for his regular season exploits.

and i can shamelessly brag about my husband as much as i want. and if i didn’t mention these things, well I am not sure they would ever be known. rhys is one of the most humble men i know. he would never shout about his achievements. so i will do it for him. MY HUSBAND IS GREAT!!

Rhys winning his award

Rhys with his Player of the Tournament award and his medal for being n the 'All Star' team that won the 15 side game. again, see? he is great!


Leah said...

Oh my gosh I'm so proud!! Woohoo Rhys! Give him a high five for me!

Silvy said...

awww i am so glad yall have such a healthy, loving relationship!

rhys is sooo cute! i am glad we got to meet him in real life and see yall interact--you will be such great parents together!!

tim, ally and silas said...

what a stud you landed! good job rhys!!!

Sohailah said...

your pregnant belly! FINALLY! yippee!