23 May 2009

never again, EVER

my mom left this afternoon and i cried. a lot. it was really sad to see her go, even though in 6 weeks she will be back again for little eleri's birth. but still, i love my mom. and i was sad. really sad. until rhys mentioned this one little fact.

never, ever again, aside from these six weeks will we live just the two of us. EVER. (well for at least the next 20 years or so) EVER!!

how crazy is that!? really crazy is the correct answer. Really, super, crazy insane...and wonderful all at the same time because it means that soon, VERY soon, rhys and i will have our little girl. and that is so amazing that it makes me smile just thinking about it. Of course it also means that we need to get moving and actually purchase a baby bed and a stroller.... but hey, what can you do?..

oh, and as an update, i got the results back from the massive leg chunk removal. clear. no more cancer cells, which means the doctors dont think it has spread. now just monthly check ups for the next 3 years...but hey, i will take that any day over what the other option was. so woo hoo!!


tim, ally and silas said...

PRAISE THE LORD on those results!!!!!!!! wonderful.

{and yes, crazy that you only have a short time left to live just you a rhys! yeah!}

racheljenae said...

ok, why am i just now finding out about the 'leg chunk' surgery! I feel so behind. That is crazy and it just aggravates me that you've had to go through that on top of normal pregnancy stuff! I just got over a not-fun-at-all urniary tract infection and I absolutely hate when I'm sick and somethings wrong with my body. I don't care what it is, I completely empathize with anyone dealing with 'body' stuff! So I'm praying for you immensely and aggreeing with you that everything is going to be fine and God has it all under control! He's really good like that and He loves you!

Sohailah said...

I am so RELIEVED about the cancer cell report! Yippee! Glad you got to see your mom - baby beds - highly over rated. How about a dresser drawer?