25 September 2011

woo hoo

We have landed in the UK. and the trip over couldn't have been more perfect. It was nap time when we boarded the plane in Tulsa, so we told E it was time to go to sleep. She slept the entire flight and we waited until every single person was off the plane, slowly lifted her out of the seat and managed to carry her off the plane still sleeping. what a star.

We found a McDonalds in DFW with a kids play area and let eleri run around like a mad woman until it was time to board the London flight. We were lucky enough to have the bulk head (yay!), and e quickly settled in to a movie. After dinner, we changed her into her pj's and told her it was time to go to bed. We explained how tonight she would be sleeping on the plane next to mommy and daddy. She seemed excited about that and by 8:30 she was out. She did not even stir again until we landed and, once again, everyone else had gotten off the plane. Seriously, she is awesome.

During the flight Rhys and I counted it up- Eleri has been on 16 flights in her short little life. Of those 16, 10 have been international flights. And out of all of those flights, this trip has been the most fantastic. Sleeping baby pretty much the whole time. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

So we are here and enjoying ourselves. It is good to be back.

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Sohailah said...

LOVE it! How long are you there?!