9 September 2011

"you life WAS..."

so exciting, so adventurous, fun, busy, a dream come true....and any number of other complimenting descriptors.

Key word of those sentences? WAS Your life was so exciting. your life was so adventurous. you were living a dream come true.

apparently i am no longer exciting. and to prove that fact, my blogger 'following list' has actually lost 6 people since I moved to America. since I only write about things that are going on currently, i can only assume that I am simply not that interesting on this side of the ocean.

Remember those posts where I talked about people offering me unsolicited baby advice? That type of unsolicited comment has not happened in America; oh no, it is another type of comment altogether. the WAS comments. Why people feel it is ok to say things like "man your life was so fun. too bad you moved back" hmmm...so does that mean that not only am I boring now, but you also wanted me to stay far away? I dont really feel that way, I know what people are trying to say. At least I think i do most of the time.

But it does present the question: Is life not fun in Tulsa?

I am having a bit harder time adjusting to life in America than I thought I would. And by 'a bit' read a tremendously difficult, kick you in your teeth, want to cry and scream and move back to the UK kind of time. Some days are great and some days are not so great. But I can say that I did not expect any of it to be this difficult. Some days I would sacrifice chick-fil-a if it meant I could live in London (i know, shock, horror) Some days I cant imagine living in a place where you could simultaneously sit on the toilet, brush your teeth in the sink and have your feet in the bathtub- all while touching the opposite wall. some days I would rather cut off my own hand than live in London. some days i would cut off my own hand to live in London. it's an emotional roller coaster ride to say the least.

but what about my 'new life' as people say. is that one not fun? can it not be fun? I always fancied myself a bit of an adventurer. I was never one to steer away from the unknown. to a degree that must change when children enter the picture, but perhaps living in small town middle america, i just need to make a bigger effort to make my life an adventure. Sure my days include car rides to Target instead of a tube ride to Big Ben. and I go to Hunter Park down the road instead of Hyde Park. But at the end of the day, a park is a park. it is what you make of the time spent inside the park that counts.

so readers that have decided I am too boring, I say phooey! I am just as exciting today as I was last year. Especially with presidential debates and elections coming up you can expect some exciting political posts (yay, right?) If you have stuck with me through the ups and downs of the blog the last few months, thanks. I appreciate the faithfulness. even in the presence of my mundane new life ;)


kaw said...

I personally think life is nothing, if not bittersweet. If you've ever lived in more than one place you will miss the other place. Almost guaranteed! I live in Alabama. I miss Arkansas. I know if I lived in Arkansas it would be the other way around. I've lived in lots of places, and miss different things about each one. I ache for London...I've started to think that God designed it that way so that we could get a taste of longing for heaven, even though we haven't actually been there. (How about that. I just got all spiritual in a comment.)

And, I feel certain that whatever you life in "small town America" is, with you, it will never be boring.

LaVon said...

Kristina, Kristina, Kristina....take it from me, having been back in Tulsa for almost 10 years now, you will ALWAYS want to be where you are not. We moved back to Tulsa from New York and I desperately wanted to go back....instead we moved to Texas. We moved back to Tulsa to be closer to family after I had Chloe....and I wanted to move back to Texas or New York. Tulsa can be fun, you just have to be creative. I admit, driving the car to Hunter instead of walking to the local park is a bit boring, but it's fun once you get there (so long as your car isn't broken into!) Trips to Target just don't seem to be as fun as going to Tesco, but I'm sure our Brit friends would enjoy walking around Target, don't you? If people find you boring, like you say, phooey on them. People who have never moved around, or had adventures, might have lived vicariously through your blogs and now that you are blogging about Tulsa, they figure it's gotta be boring here in the midst of the bible belt. The way I look at it, anywhere we are we can make our own excitement, right?

Sohailah said...

Hey, New Adventures of Non-Boring Kristina... Bricktown is fun, so I hear... fancy a trip to OKC?