8 September 2011

you gotta love him

I was sitting down talking with my dad this evening and the conversation went soemthing like this:

dad: those things, you know those, they are pretty fun.

me: what things?

dad: oh you know those (and he gestures to the TV where a spirit commerical is featuring a flash mob)

me: a flash mob?!

dad: yeah, those. there pretty cool, for cool people like me. I like to do those, you know. just cause.

and what do you say to that?

because my dad is just pretty awesome really. This is the same guy who gave me a big, purple, blow-up hippo floaty swim ring my sophomore year of college with the words "take this, cause you just never know"

hmm....thats right dad. I just never know when I might need an over sized child's pool toy whilst in college. again, awesome.

Basically my dad is just pretty darn cool. From his sometimes cheesy, sometimes dry, sometimes just plain hilarious sense of humor to his general demeanor he is pretty awesome. and look out, you may seem him at the next flash mob.

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Stefanie said...

I love it! Josh & I just got back from a few days in Cancun & I told him earlier today that I thought a flash mob would be a good activity for the entertainment staff to organize because, how funny would it be to see lots of people from different countries doing a synchronized dance next to a pool or on the beach? Maybe your dad could organize one on his next beach vacation :)