30 July 2008

a favourite Rhys story

We are recently back from holiday. We had booked off the days from work months in advance, but ended up waiting until the last minute to book the holiday. Rhys was convinced we could get a better deal that way. So we waited, and waited and waited. We debated long and hard about where to go: Portugal, Greece, Malta, Egypt...Spain was the only place neither of us wanted to go. We had both been so many times before and together as well, so we decided a new location would suit us best. So we waited, and waited, and then waited some more. Finally Wednesday came along. We wanted to leave on Friday or Saturday, so I’d say that was cutting it pretty close. We couldn’t find anything cheap enough that was still available. We had waited too long. We ended up in Spain. At the end of the day, Spain is not bad. It is actually one of my favourite countries; loads of sunshine, nice beaches, great markets. It was a brilliant holiday! 7 days in southern Spain turned out to be just what we needed. My added bonus was that the very first stamp in my new passport was from Spain. I like the thought of that.

On our return home on Saturday we were unpacking and doing laundry, all those fun things that you always look forward to after laying on a beach, soaking up the sun for a week. So I dumped all the clean clothes on the bed and asked Rhys to take what was his, fold it, and put it away. Next thing I know Rhys has come over to me and picked me up! 'what in the world are you doing?' I cried. He replied 'well, you are mine and you told me to fold and put away whatever was mine. So I am folding you and putting you in my pocket so I can take you with me' Ok, ok so its a bit cheesy, but I love it! What a cute story?! It has become one of my favourite moments from holiday; and on that note, one of my favourite Rhys stories ever! I have a great husband!

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