17 July 2008

The M25

About 4 times a month I get the car and drive to work. I have to fight Rhys over it, but I managed to win this morning. As I was driving along the M25...more like sitting in stop and go traffic for 45 minutes than actually driving, but anyhoo...as I was going along I noticed a sign that really made me chuckle. There are these big electronic signs that usually say things like "congestion, stay in lane" or "junction 12 to 16, 25 minutes” alerting one to the expected wait time. It’s great when they say nothing because then it means there is no traffic, no wait and the M25 journey is splendid. This morning the sign said "Don’t phone whilst driving" Really? People actually speak like that? I am picturing a 60 year old man with a tweed jacket, a pipe, scarf around his neck, speaking in a late 1800's British colonial accent.... " I say, dear me, don’t phone whilst driving, one could have a dreadful accident...." Think a cross between Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady, Sean Connery in Raiders of the Lost Ark and anyone from Zulu. That is the image I get. Old, new to colour, slightly fuzzy, very proper and overly British. I just had to smile. Granted not everything on the M25 is as polite or enjoyable. Someone almost smashed into the side of me today and when I honked to alert the careless driver to my presence I got a not very nice, although very British, gesture back!

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