10 July 2008

Independence Day!!

This is the sign that I hung in my house all 4th of July weekend! Rhys loved it! But I was missing my country. I love America. I always have. Even though I have always wanted to live overseas, that has never detrached from my great admiration for the great United States of America. So even though I was far from home in the UK, I celebrated on the town with my British pals. Texas Embassy in Traflagar Square, then party in Canary Wharf....till the wee hours in the morning. Dancing, laughing, drinking, oh what a good 4th. I missed the lake, and sunshine, and especially the cheesy American songs they play all day on the radio. Proud to be an American was the one I missed the most. Luckily for me, Dan, one the of the Brits who came with us sang the national anthem (very loudly might I add) right in the middle of the resturant. Ah, gotta love it. I have included some pictures for all to share in the joy of my British Independence Day celebrations. Woo Hoo America!!
(notice the Texas flag in the background and baseball on TV)
(the group that we went with)
(what 'American' bar is complete with horns!?!)
(Dan, supporting America, well at least American Rugby)

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