30 July 2008

Timetable of the 29th (death of a train)

4.29: caught the train from my office to Clapham Junction

Caught the train from Clapham to Watford

5.30: stopped between Kensington and Wembley...announcement saying there was a slight technical problem. Ok I think, not too bad, jsut about 20 minutes delayed.

6.00: have not moved. No further announcement. No idea what was going on.

6.30: Announcement 'Ladies and gentlemen, sorry for the inconvenience, but due to technical failure this train has died and is no longer in service' what?! are you kidding me?! 'we will be stopped here until another train can come and recover us' Recover us? what the heck does that mean? I laugh in disbelief with the man next to me.

6.45: not moving

7.00: not moving

7.15: still not moving

7:35: Moving! wait, in the wrong direction....back to Kensington.

7.45: caught the train, again, to Watford....stopped again, oh wait, moving...at the pace of a snail.

8.30: Watford, home, finally!!

So, when you add the time I spent getting to work in the morning, combined with the delay on the way home, I commuted yesterday for 6 hours! boo! I took the car to work today!

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Susanna said...

I do believe that this is an amazing, peaceful, freeing point to get to ... though the struggle to get there is one of the hardest in the world! I am glad you've made it through.