21 October 2009

dont worry folks, i'm just fat

thats right.im just fat. i say just because there was a question of whether it was fattness or if my hips had actually spread during the joyous experience called child birth. and i really thought it was the later. and i am so glad that im just fat.

SO glad.

before i got pregnant i was in the best shape of my life. and thats not a kristina exageration; its the truth. i dont talk about weight in specific numbers because everyone is different; body type and height matter. so i will just say that i was in great shape. i weighed less and had more tone than ever before. even better than high school! and i was determined to stay that nice, fit weight forever. so about a week before i found out i was growing little e, i cleaned out my wardrobe. i got rid of all my clothes that were not in my great fit size.

and that was a mistake because then crazy big pregnant body happened. and then the birth.

roughly 2 weeks after i gave birth i could fit into 1 pair of my pre pregnancy jeans. i thought i was on my way back to my pre pregnancy weight at record speed. but 13 weeks on, i still cant fit back into my 'normal' clothes. and a few days ago i was really starting to get down about it. they say that hips can spread during pregnancy and child birth and NEVER GO BACK. thats right NEVER GO BACK! while that may not seem like a big deal, to me it was practically the end of the world! ok, that was a kristina exageration. but it was really disappointing to me to think that my hips had spread and would never go back.

but a few days ago my mind was eased. i am just fat.

i could pull my jeans up over my hips and while i cant quite button them, they at least pull up. and in about 2 inches, they will button. and that is the best news i have had all week.

in other news, i keep wanting to have a post full of eleri's photo shoot that saskia over at sakis's spot shot. but my stupid computer wont let me upload more than this one. so enjoy this for the moment and when my computer stops being stupid, i will add some more.


Krista said...

I happened to randomly click on your blog and wanted to just comment and say, "I've totally been there." It actually took me almost a full year to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans due to those ridiculous hips. I am now easily back into most of my clothes, but my son is 18 months...so, let's just say it took a long while. I ended up buying things in different sizes and then they got too big as I very slowly shrunk back to normal. I was very fit before I got pregnant too, and now that I've got most of my body back, I am ready to stretch it all out again with another baby. :)

My blog is http://sksimmons.com/blog/krenee

Good Luck~

Saskia said...

You'll get there! Keep busy and slowly and surely your body will go back again. People getting back into size 10 jeans within a month of giving birth really are not normal (well none of my friends were like that at any rate!). I thought you looked beautiful last month when I did Eleri's photos.

Saskia xx

PS thank you for the mention! I'm so glad to see my photo on your blog here :)

Lisa Ensor said...

Very interesting post- 16 months after giving birth and I'm still so close to being "back to normal" and no one else understands the frustration except other moms who have been there. It's another part of your life that has taken a back seat to baby and its one that's been harder for me then I thought it would be. But be encouraged... you can do it! So can I :) and like my sister who's back to a size 2 jeans- we can be back in the best shape of our lives.. again!