30 October 2009

seriously? again?

i was lying in bed, enjoying the fact that my babe was sleeping like a champ when i heard a knock at the window. as you all know, i am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my passport. so i quickly jumped up and tried to grab clothes and run to the door.

a second knock.

i knew the postman wouldnt wait long. and what if it was my passport? i was missing it!! i couldnt grab clothes quick enough. a blanket seemed a good option. so i grabbed my huge quilt off the bed, ran to the door, threw it open and was met with a very surprised face from the postman. to be fair, i am sure i was quite the sight. hair down, disheveled and still wet with a giant blanket over my shoulders, wrapped around my body.

and it was a royal mail special delivery package. in the ever so coveted silver packaging. it could very well be my passport i excitedly thought.

and then he asked for my signature.

how was i going to do that? i was holding the blanket around me, on the inside with both my hands. but i had to sign. i HAD to get the package.

so i delicately tried to balance holding the blanket whilst slowly snaking one arm out of the top. but i failed. pretty badly because the blanket fell down to my waist. revealing to the postman, again, my bra. sweet. i can only image what he must think of me now that i have essentially answered the door not once, but twice in just my bra. but at that point i was too excited to really care. i had to get inside and open the package. would it finally be my passport?


woo hoo! passport! i am now an official UK resident, expiry date: NEVER. my status lasts indefinitely. sweet. and i have also made an appointment for eleri at the American Consulate to get her 'registered' so the american government will finally know that she exists. and get her a passport.(side note: its quite a challenge to get a 3 month old to hold still long enough to get passport pictures)

and this also means that we are for sure coming to america in 3 weeks!! woo hoo for america!

so i suppose all in all, not a bad deal. for me or the postman :)

also, we are road tripin' to wales tomorrow and wont be back until wednesday. so i cant foresee any blogging between now and then. see you when we get back!!


Diet DP Loving Mom said...

safe travels. I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

Mark and Megan said...

Kristina, I love reading your blog. Eleri is getting so big and she's so cute. I love your postman story. Can't say I have answered the door in my bra but have definitely scared our UPS guy by my own disheveled self. Have fun in Wales

Sohailah said...

Woo HOO!