3 October 2009

its not like riding a bicycle

you can forget how to run. who would have thought!? its been exactly 356 days since i have run. i know this because i ran a half marathon when i was about 4 weeks pregnant on the 12th of october 2008. i know i ran on the 13th because i always have a cool down day the day after a run. and today is the 3rd of october 2009.

almost en entire year of NO running!

if you dont like to run, this may not seem like a big deal to you. but to me, running was a HUGE part of my life. my running shoes were more than a means of exercise to me. they were a way to process the day, ponder the future and gain both physical and mental strength. i really looked forward to my run every day. and i looked forward to training, to the next big run. I was planning on running the London marathon this spring.

and then i got pregnant. and didnt stop throwing up for about 20 weeks. the doctor advised that i not run until after the birth. and then i had another stupid operation. and then had to wait the recovery period. which brings me to now. and the fact that its been 356 days since my last run.

and its not like riding a bicycle. you can forget. i did. i forgot to strech before i started, i wore a loose sports bra, i wore a long sleeve shirt and nearly over heated, i tied my shoe laces to tighly, i tripped over my own feet countless times and i barely made it a mile before i came panting home. it was a pathetic attempt at a run (if i can even call it that) rhys says i am being to hard on myself; it has been nearly a year after all. but its hard to go from 7 or 8 miles a day to barely 1. but hey ho, never too late to pick it up again. i have a 10k booked for january and another half marathon in the spring.

and now the running shoes beckon. off i go again.


Diet DP Loving Mom said...

you are being too hard on yourself. your body has been through a lot in a year. take your time and ease yourself back into it. in about 30-45 days i'm sure you'll be feeling much better. good luck with your training!

Susanna said...

He's right. You are being to hard on yourself. Count it a win that you picked up the shoes and tied them on again. Keep going and soon it will all be ease and familiarity to you ...

Sohailah said...

way too hard. you'll be up and running in no time flat... ha ha ha ha

I'm running the Tulsa Run October 31st.A first for me. I even bought one of those Nike+_ Sportband things. Like a professional, I am.