7 October 2009

me and the postman

as everyone is well aware, i am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my passport from the British government so i can go to america in november. they will be sent back by special devliery so everytime i hear the postman my heart races a little bit. every day i wait for him to knock on my window and let me know there is a package for me. every day i wait and every day he doesnt come.

and then today....today i heard the postman come, and then i heard a knock.

i was so excited i put the baby in her chair, hurried to unlock the door and ran out into the communal hallway to meet the postman. i signed for my package, collected the rest of my mail from him and went back to my flat. i sat down on the couch to find out if it was my passport and thats when i realised it. i did not have a shirt on. thats right folks. i was so excited about the possibility that the postman might be delievering my passport that i ran outside in only my bra. sweet. i had a good laugh about it becasue at that point, what could i do? i am surprised that the postman managed to keep a straight face. perhaps its more common than i think? do people reguarly come to the door half naked? i sure hope i never do it again.

and it wasnt even my passport.


Katie said...

Oh Kristina!!! That's AWESOME!! I'm laughing so hard!!

Okay, it's not awesome that it wasn't your passport. Boo. But I'll bet you made that postman's day!!

Susanna said...

I do believe this is an appropiate use of the letters ... ROTFLOL! Because I am rolling on the floor laughin out loud. This must have been a crazy moment of realisation for you. Haha.

Sorry, it wasn't the passport, but I bet the postman works a little harder to get your next package to you quickly!

Sohailah said...

out loud. yes, laughed out loud. hilarious. American passport, right? You haven't switched on us yet, have you?