15 February 2012

finally organizing

I love jewelry. It is true, I do. People find this odd because not only am I not really girly, but I usually end up wearing the same necklace every single day. If you met me within the last few months, you would think I only owned one piece of jewelry. But that is not the case. I love jewelry. It doesn't have to be fancy and 'real', although that is nice too. I like anything- especially big, bright and chunky.

Over the years I have tried numerous way to organize my jewelry. Boxes, cups, bulletin board with pegs, bags etc... But it just never seemed right. Things got tangled and mismatched. For my bracelets and earrings I finally settled on one of those handy storage things from Bed Bath and Beyond. You know the ones with all the different sized pockets? And that worked perfectly, but not for my necklaces.

Since we moved they have been sitting in various bags and piles. And often simply scattered around the floor. Obviously, the floor is a great place for jewelry.

I had all these fantastic ideas (from Pinterest) on how to hang and display. I even roped Rhys into helping me with a project. But it has stayed unfinished for weeks and I was tired of my necklaces laying around in heaps. So in frustration yesterday I went to the cupboard and rummaged around to find something that would work for my jewelry. I found a variety of plastic wall hooks. I thought, "that'll do" and viola!

It is not the craftiest or the prettiest. But it is organised- and color coordinated. That, for me, is a must! My closet and shoes are color coordinated as well. Perhaps that was a bit too much to share, kind of sound like a dork....But it is done and that is one less thing to unpack. Hey, I am getting there. Slowly, but surely.

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