16 February 2012

my daughter is famous

We love Peppa Pig in our house. For those not familiar with Peppa, she is a cartoon pig, and a badly drawn one at that, who shares her daily life with Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and little brother George with millions of British children everyday. To say that the Peppa Pig brand in the UK is worth millions is to put it lightly.

They have toys, clothes, books, shoes, DVD's, candy, toothbrushes, magazines, stuffed animals, wash clothes, underwear and even an entire theme park dedicated to the little pink pig. Seriously, Peppa Pig's World opened last year complete with rides, giant life sized pigs walking around and more gift shops than you could imagine. Of course, we cannot wait to go :) If you can think of something- anything- they have it in 'Peppa Pig design'.

Naturally, we indulge the little ones habit. Our favourites include the Peppa Pig mobile phone and toothbrush holder; the toothbrush being used everyday of course.

And the Peppa Pig and friends school set, complete with desks and blackboard.

Sadly, it does not stop there. We also own, and use on a regular basis, the Peppa washcloths and towels, Peppa underwear, Peppa t-shirts, Peppa skirts and even Peppa leggings. Oh, did I mention the Peppa Pig socks and pajamas? and the Peppa hair clips. Just because those are not pictured, do not be fooled. They are still very present in our home. Sad? Probably.

However there is one redeeming factor about the love of Peppa Pig. The magazines.

Every month a new Peppa Pig magazine hits the racks. They are FULL of stuff. Not only do they come with 'prizes' attached to the front, but the inside is packed full of educational activities including work with numbers



colouring pages

and healthy snacks, hundreds of stickers and a 'make and take' section.

Talk about a 'busy bag' handed to you for 1.99! These magazines are AWESOME. Naturally, Eleri loves them. Every month they do a contest of sorts. There is a blank coloring page in the back of the magazine: you colour it, send it back with your picture and they choose a few winners each month. Guess who was the winner this month? Yup, Eleri!!

As it happens, I sent this entry in for Eleri back in October of 2010 so it has been a long time coming. Notice it says that Eleri is 1? well that's why. I also like that it says 'Eleri W.' because in the UK, Eleri is actually a common, regular name :) But check out that little face! How precious.

I can not even begin to describe the excitement when we received the magazine in the post (thanks Wales Williams' for sending it out!) She was thrilled to get a new Peppa magazine but oh man! when she saw herself in the magazine. I thought she might explode from excitement. I really wish I had it on video, it was that amazing.

Along with the picture being published, E also received this DVD as a prize

(look closely at the little character portraying America. Yup, a cowboy. Because obviously that is what Americans are all about)

and this poster saying Congrats!

Of course the poster is now hanging on the wall in her room, because where else would it go? :) She is so proud of herself. Mom and Dad are pretty proud too! Little E is famous, and pretty darn awesome!


Sohailah said...

Darling! Love it! Go Peppa!

LaVon said...

Peppa Pig World is pretty cool! We went last summer...will have to show you and E the photos:)

Lindsey said...

That is AWESOME. I love Peppa Pig--it's one of the few children's cartoons that does not annoy me.

Two questions: 1) are you able to get any Peppa Pig stuff (like the magazine?) here in the US? 2) Is your Peppa Pig dvd compatible with US players, or do you have a UK player? Reason being, I have a friend whose 2 year old daughter is likewise obsessed with Peppa Pig, but the paraphernalia is difficult to come by, stateside.

Ralph Jens said...

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