9 February 2012

a room of her own

Before I get into anything else, an apology is in order. I sincerely apologise for my poor writing on the last post. When I post on the blog, rarely do I proofread. I type what is in my head and then hit post. There is the random missing word and spelling mistake, along with the interchanging of British and American spelling and terminology, but usually small things that I can live with. However, the last post was a different story entirely. I reread it today- because it had pictures and those are always fun- and I was appalled!. I actually had the following sentence (if you can call it that) in my post "This may seem fairly normal for a lot of you, but for so long I was at stay at home mom without a home to stay at home in that it has been a BIG adjustment for me to get used to just being home. (could I use the word home anymore times in one sentence?!)"

Seriously? I actually hit the 'publish post' button with that sentence. Crap. I need to start proof reading.

That said, on to the real post of the day. The kiddo's rooms.

Someone asked me the other day if I had started working on Lowri's nursery yet. Hmmm, no. It had not actually occurred to me that I could do that. Eleri never had a nursery. In fact, until we moved into our house in December, Eleri never had a room of her own. I never painted or picked colours or made special decorations for E as a baby because we had a one room flat. She had a little nook of our room with a crib and a mobile. She never got a fun transition from crib to big girl room with special big girl things because we were living with parents. She was in some variation of a guest room. Until now, now she has a room. And for some reason, it took someone asking about Lowri for me to realise that I could decorate not just a nursery, but Eleri's room as well.

Two rooms to design and decorate!! If I felt like I could get away with it, I would add another 3 million exclamation points on the end of that last sentence because that is how excited I am.

I have been looking online and in magazine and, of course, pinterest. I have come up with loads of ideas and have started implementing them this week. Since I already have bedding for both the girls. (Pottery Barn, Brooke. It is awesome!) I have a colour scheme already picked out. Coral, blue and green- I am excited. My plans took a slight detour as a result of some stitches I had to get, so I am only able to do the 'calm' things that I can sit down for. Which means that all week my table has looked like this

and i am painting things like this

and this.

and then re-painting it to look like this

and i am still not decided if it will stay like this or not!

I am making things like door signs (because Hey, I can)

There has also been furniture arranging, wall hanging and painting and general organization. I am not posting pictures of those things just yet because I want everything to be in place first.

I am grateful for my friends question about Lowri's nursery. Without her who knows if I ever would have realised that I can decorate the kiddo's rooms. Apparently I am slow like that, ha! My plan is to have both rooms painted, organized and completely finished by the end of this month. But you know what they say about the best laid plans....

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Carol said...

Hope you have so much fun doing this. One of my favorite parts of having kids is decorating for them. I know that sounds shallow. It is only a little bit true.