31 January 2012

a day in life...

Sticking with the one car thing, there are many days where E and I are just hanging out at home. This may seem fairly normal for a lot of you, but for so long I was at stay at home mom without a home to stay at home in that it has been a BIG adjustment for me to get used to just being home. (could I use the word home anymore times in one sentence?!) But the more we do it, the more I love. Let me tell you, we have had some great times that would have been missed otherwise. Today was one of those days.

We started off painting the bathtub. Thanks to pinterest we spent at least an hour painting and re-painting the bathtub wall. It was awesome. (because I am not a fan of naked baby pictures on the world wide web, I tried to paint a bathing suit over eleri. It didn't work and became a pink blob instead, but you can pretend I have artistic ability)

Then I unpacked some more. Yes, we have lived in this house for almost 2 months and yes we still have boxes to unpack. Dont judge, I move slow :)

But e thought it was more fun to get in the box and jump out saying "peeky boo" over and over. It was precious

We played in the backyard with her 'football' Yes, she still refers to soccer as football. Apparently, that British-ism is not going away. I am sure her father helps to perpetuate it.

(as a funny side note: She LOVES sports. Her favourite? "Rubby football" Rhys caught her calling Rugby 'football' once and when he tried to correct her she wasn't getting it. So he told her she could call it 'rugby football' which is technically the official name. Now she says 'rubby football' for everything and wants to watch it all the time! she really is her father's daughter)

We went on a walk. But about half way through she decided it was more fun to sit on the curb and scoot her way along. That lasted for about 5 minutes. Man, it was a lot of scooting!

And then on our way home from the walk, e had some fun with her shadow. She kept jumping and moving her arms saying "look mammy! my shadooo is moving!"

and all of this was before nap time! I am anxious to see what the rest of the day holds once the little squirt wakes up.

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Tim and Randi Weigle said...

I love this! Such great memories you are making!