25 January 2012

She has a name!!

We have known that the new baby has been a girl for a while. And names have be tossed around for months. If I am completely honest, I have been suggesting names since the day I found out I was pregnant. Literally, the day I found out.

With Eleri is was easy. We had one girl name we liked and one boy name, that was it. There was no question. Simple. This time has not been quite the same. Rhys and I couldn't really agree on a name. We liked the idea of a Welsh name again but couldn't find one that we both agreed was ok. No offense to all the Welsh out there (especially my in-laws) but aside from Eleri all the Welsh names we came across were CRAZY!! WE serached baby books and on line naming sites. We asked friends and family and still couldn't decide.

Finally, we settled on a short list of names we liked:


Eleanor was first to go because we thought people would shorten it to Ele. But that is what we call Eleri. Two girls with the same name seemed a bit redundant (and weird). Rhys threw out Caroline and that still left us with 3. Then one day, out of the blue, the perfect name appeared. Just like that- and we both knew.

It is Welsh and it is different so we tested it out on a few close friends who we knew would give an honest opinion. and the name went over with great success. So new baby girl has a name!

Lowri Grace

Lowri means crowned or anointed with glory. After the complications of this pregnancy (which require a post all to their own) the meaning couldn't be more perfect. It is pronounced not quite like it is spelled. The LOW part rhymes with HOW and the ending, RI, is pronounced the same way the RI in Eleri is- a 'ree' kind of sound. The grace is two fold really. Firstly because of the pregnancy and issues, Rhys and I have really needed, and felt, the Grace of Jesus more than ever. He is watching over little Lowri and will do what is right and just in His own gracious, loving way. Secondly, Eleri's middle name is Ann. It is a family name, E being the 8th generation to have Ann as her middle name. I love that tradition. Ann means gracious. So because I couldn't really give Lowri the same, family middle name, at least her name means the same thing. They are connected. And I love that.

Lowri Grace it is. Yea for a name!


Carol said...

That is beautiful! I hope that you guys continue to be filled with the grace of God throughout this pregnancy. I know I have already said it, but, you will LOVE having two girls. It is the most fun on earth. That might be a bit extreme, but I think you know what I mean.

kaw said...

I think it's really pretty! And it goes with Eleri, but is different! Good choice!

Elizabeth said...

For the record, I pronounced her name right the first time. I love it! She'll be a blessing just like her big sister and you will have so much fun with them!

Adrion said he saw you at E's party. He was funny-I've seen you a few times the last year, but I guess he never had, so it was a big deal to him to see you after so many years. Anyway, I'm glad we have so many mutual friends!

Devi said...

I love the name, Kristina.. I hope you and Rhys have lots of kids because you give them choose wonderful names and put so much thought into it. Looking forward to meeting little Lowri Grace one day.

sarah beth hawk said...

I looooove her name, Kristina! Such a wonderful meaning to give to a lovely little lady. :)