6 January 2012

Thank the Lord its Friday!!

I am taking a short hiatus from 2011 reflecting and 2012 goals to word vomit for a bit. I have lots of whinny, complainy things on my mind and would apparently write about those instead of positive reflection and looking ahead.

We only have one car. In the grand scheme of life this is not a problem at all. Seriously, it is waaaaaay down on the list when compared with world hunger and war. But in the daily living of my life, it is pretty annoying. The entire course of our marriage we have either had no car or only one car. But, we have also lived in a place where public transportation not only existed but ran smoothly and efficiently. Here? People look at me like I am insane when I ask about bus services. The looks I get in South Tulsa from drivers when I am walking down the street with my stroller? seriously, I may as well be an escaped mental patient.

I hate it.

Why dont people walk more here? Ok, ok, side walks are few and far between. and it is annoying to walk on uneven, often non existent grassy areas right next to the road. But maybe if more people expressed an interest in walking then they would build more sidewalks? I just don't understand it. Walking is good for you. It is a healthy way to get around. My church is less than a 10 minute walk away and people think we are crazy for walking there. Seriously? 10 minutes? my doctors office is a mile away, so is eleri's doctor and there are plenty of coffee shops and donut shops within a mile. Yet the looks I get when I show up with a stroller- oh man. What is so wrong with walking?! seriously south tulsa- get with it! The majority of the world walks places, get off your ass, out of your car and make the most of the crazy warm weather in January. (walking rant over)

Back to the one car thing. Our one car is kind of not working anymore. Remember the walking rant? Well it is hard to walk places like the grocery store, E's ballet class, my parents house, school etc... because there is no way to get there except walking on the main road. and that is not safe for a pregnant woman with her 2 year old. Rhys works downtown. We live South. It is about a 30 minute drive, give or take. On the days when I need the car to run errands or take E somewhere, we wake E up just before 7 (she usually sleeps until 830 or 9), put her in the car, PJ's and all and drive Rhys downtown to drop him off, turn around and drive back home. It is not the most efficient, but at the moment the only option. On those days Rhys runs home. It is only about 15 miles and he is crazy like that.

And yesterday our car all but died. The water pump is out, two front tie rods are cracked, there is an oil leak and we needed 4 new tires. Two of the tires were so bad that you could actually see through them. Yeah, we were minutes away from a blow out. All we fixed yesterday was the tires. And then this morning, bright and early at 7, we got in the car to discover that the power steering had gone out. seriously? SERIOUSLY? yeah, super awesome.

So our one car is pretty much not working and we live in a place where is there non existent public transportation and no sidewalks. again, in the grand scheme of life- not a big deal. In my daily living? a big deal.

well, more annoying and EXPENSIVE than anything else.

so that's where we are. annoyed about only having one car, annoyed that people don't walk anywhere here, annoyed that there are no sidewalks. just plain annoyed. I am SO glad that it is Friday and we have a weekend of lovely weather ahead. I need an attitude adjustment big time!

Happy weekend everyone- enjoy!

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Stefanie said...

So sorry, friend! I hope you guys are able to find a good deal on something quickly, as Tulsa's public transport probably won't improve a ton any time soon!