25 March 2010

big e is getting old

8 months already. i cant believe it. it really does go by quickly. she is growing more and more everyday, learning how to do so many new things. and the things she has been doing lately, well they make she seem even older. so as way of an update. e is now....

-pulling herself up and walking around furniture, our couch, her play toy, basically everything she can get her hands on.

-feeding herself milk every day and trying so hard to eat with the spoon. however, everytime she gets the spoon she manages to dump all the food off (and onto her) before it actually makes it to her mouth.

*as a side note, e is quite adventerous with her food. at the moment her favourite is chicken and veg korma with rice. yup, my little e loves indian food.

-e can wave! she doesnt quite have the hang of when exactly she is suppose to wave and she usually waves to people about 10 minutes after they have left. but she is trying, and it is so cute.

-give high five. but you have to say "gimme five" exactly or she wont do it. perticular, i know.

-walk along only holding one hand. she is getting closer and closer to walking. its crazy.

whilst there are many more fun and exciting tibits i could tell you all about big e, I will instead leave you with her 8 month picture. we had a bit more issue this month than we usually have. she was not interested in smiling at all, and once she discovered where i had put the sign, well that was the end of the pictures. so here is her 8 month sequence.

also, I would like everyone to take note of how adorable ele is in her 'jeggins' thats right folks, i make my daughter wear the ever so popular (at least in the UK) jeggins. thats jeans and leggings combined. stylish i know. :)


Lisa Ensor said...

So cute!

Leigh said...

Congratulations! My E is almost 8 months and she's nowhere NEAR any of that!! She sits up but hasn't pulled up and definitely isn't walking around holding onto things :)

It's crazy how fast they change!

Love your blog :)

kym brinkley said...

jeggings rule. keep her in uk fashion. love.