5 March 2010

it was awesome

Finally, the post about wales!! It was such a fantastic weekend; it was perfect really. and i am not just saying that because my father in law reads this blog (hi alan) i am saying that because it was. everything about the weekend was just right.

we had a fun night out in cardiff

and since we left the baby at home, in the very capable hands of my in laws, rhys and I were able to take in the Wales rugby match and even a pint afterwards

Saturday i spent the entire day out and about with my mother in law. she is such a sweet lady. we had a great afternoon shopping for the baby and finished off the day with a nice cup of coffee in a little cafe. rhys played rugby for his old side and his dad watched. so everyone was happy. especially the baby. check out that smile.

Moonday was St. David's Day, the patron saint of wales. all the girls were these traditional welsh costumes and daffodils. the boys wear leeks on their shirts.

later in the day we went to the tiny village where rhys grew up and had a bit of a look around. we went here

and then made a stop off in the minners musuem. Rhys' grandfather was a minner. the welsh valleys used to be known for their coal. in fact, they produced the majority of the coal used in WWII. this is the actualy engine block that was used in the mine where rhys' grandfather worked. he has such a neat family history.

and it was eleri's first time on a swing. it was great! she loved it.

so as you can see, it really was a great weekend. one of the best i have had in a long time. i really enjoy my in laws and i am very grateful to have married into such a wonderful family.