20 March 2010

reason #3,456,789 why i love living in europe

it's the cheese.

ah, cheese.

the variety of cheese that exists in europe is second to none. and i love cheese. there are not enough words to adquately explain just how much i love cheese. (its right up there with fries. and chick-fil-a.)

ah, i digress.

rhys is away this weekend on a good mates stag do. and what did kristina do on saturday night home all by herself? I went to the store and bought the following: cave aged emmental, extra mature chedder, 8 month farmhouse mature red leicester and wensleydale with cranberry and blueberry. throw in some table water biscuits, scottish oatcakes, mango chutney and sparkling red wine and voila! saturday night a la kristina.


Sheyenne said...

oh my goodness... sounds incredible! Wish I could have joined you! (But hold the delish cheese... I'm allergic. Boo.) I don't think I've ever had sparkling red wine. I'll have to look for that! Hope you're well, friend!

Stefanie said...

Oh, heaven. We must have a wine & cheese night the next time you're in town. I could live in a house of cheese :)

Katie said...

Oh my word. Oh my word. Oh my word.

Yummy. Yummy. Yummy.