19 March 2010

Disneyland Paris

it really was like magic. i have been to both disneyland and disneyworld in the states, but there was something different about eurodisney. it was not as big, it didnt have as many rides or shows, but still. it just seemed more magical. perhaps it was because everything was in french so it already seemed a bit more exotic. or maybe it was the crepes, cheese trays and expresso you could order at the food stalls instead of the typical burgers and hot dogs. it could have been the fact that american accents were few and far between, making it feel all the more european. but whatever it was, eurodisney was vastly different than the other two parks. and it was completely and utterly amazing.

granted eleri is not even 8 months old yet, but i know that she had a wonderful time. Her facial expressions when she saw the characters dancing around and the flashing lights of the parades; her giggles as we went round and round on the mad hatters tea cups; her eyes wide in amazment as we sat in Dumbo, going up and down, flying high into the sky. I will never forget her smiles, her laughs and her squeels of delight as she took in each new sight and sound. eurodisney may have been unbelievably expensive, but it was worth every penny, every pound, and every euro because the memories are priceless.

i could go on and on about how wonderful it was but i think the pictures would be much more exciting. so here is our trip to eurodisney...

here we are at the enterance to the park.

e loved watching the parades. here she is smiling away as the characters were coming down the street

as no trip to disneyland is complete without the minnie mouse ears, we got some straight away and didnt take the off the entire time we were there. e loved wearing hers

and everyone must pose with the characters. here is us with pluto

and goofy

the age limit for the rides was 1. but my child is advanced (yes, i am that mom who brags about her kid) however, eleri is quite strong for her age. so i used my judgement on what rides i thought were ok, and then just lied and said she was 1. yes, yes, lying is wrong but little e wanted to go on rides. i know she did. So with her minnie mouse ears on, i would let her walk (holding my hands, not independently just yet) up to the gate of the ride. wearing costume ears and walking made her seem a lot older than 7 months. so there was never really any problem. and i am so glad that we were able to enjoy the rides with cousin nia. it was a blast. Look at her here on Dumbo...

and if you look closely, you will see us smiling away in the corner here

how cute is she sitting on her own, getting ready to fly away on aladian's magic carpet ride.

and of course the merry-go-round

rides aside, we had a great time looking through the different parks, the castle and eleri even took some time out to pull the sword out of the stone. check out her facial expression. its as if to say "guys, of course i can pull this out. with just one hand. come on, give me a challenge"

it was great. i couldnt have asked for a better weekend away. and i owe it all to my amazing sister in law. thanks kath, it was an AWESOME weekend.

it was worth every penny. look at that face.


Lisa Ensor said...

So adorable! We go to Disney this summer with baby B and I can't wait to see his face :) Glad you had a great trip!

Silvy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!! so cute!!!!

Diet DP Loving Mom said...

seriously, how frickin adorable are those pictures? oh my word. looks like you all had a great time.