16 April 2010

hundreds and thousands

even after 3 years of living here, it still makes me laugh how two countries can be so similar yet so very different. today, one difference really stood out. I had my baby friends over to the flat for some coffee, cake and general merriment. one of the girls brought around some lovely cupcakes

and these cupcakes led to a discussion. I said "oooo sprinkles" and the rest of the girls said "oooo hundreds and thousands" wha...? thats a funny name for sprinkles. i suppose it makes sense really. they are hundreds and thousands of little sugar balls. and the more i think about it, the more i prefer their name to mine. perhaps i will adpot this term and make it my own :)

cupcakes aside, rhys, ele and i are off into the city tomorrow for an open top bus tour. sure we live in london, but it never hurts to do the touristy things every now and then. enjoy your weekends everyone.

(and Kim Watkins, if you are reading this, go to THIS website. i thought of you immediatley when i saw this. (it also comes in a pram liner) if it wasnt so pricey i would buy it for you)


Kristen said...

Out east in New England they call them jimmies. :)

kaw said...

oh.my.gosh. i love it!! i wish i needed it! :) why do i love the tube map so much?