1 April 2010

weekend randoms

It is officially my weekend. Good Friday and Easter Monday are both national holidays (or bank holidays as we call them). That's right folks a 4 day weekend for Easter. awesome. it does give a unique opportunity to actually talk about Jesus' death and resurrection since people are talking about Easter anyway. which is why i am posting weekend randoms on Thursday because today is the start of my long, Easter weekend.

-We had our "spring forward" time change last weekend and the amount of daylight is INSANE! I realise that all over the world days will get longer, but i have never experienced something like the UK spring and summer time. Granted it is rainy and crap a lot of the time, but the amount of daylight is unbelievable. as i am writing this is it ten to eight in the evening. I have no light on inside my living room, just the natural light still pouring in my windows. looking outside it may as well be three in the afternoon. and it only increases in light as we get more and more into the summer season. by the time June and July are here, it will be bright sunshine (seriously, sunshine like the middle of the afternoon) at nine and ten at night. it hits dusk around half ten and doesn't actually go fully dark until eleven. it is amazing. a little strange to put the baby to bed when it is still light out, but still amazing.

-As i was walking into town today i was stopped my the hare krishnas. they are usually in town once a week with music, chants, drums, phamlets, the whole works. as soon as e heard the music, she wouldnt stop laughing. she was having a ball looking at the hare krishnas, especially the drummer who has quite the dreads. so we stopped for a bit because ele's smile was just too cute. i politely declined the literature and donation bucket from the krishna who approached us, but it brought back a memory of the time that i joined a protest in spain.

It was the summer of 2006. I was bored one day at work so instead of working, i was trawling the Internet for cheap airfares. i happened upon an insanely cheap flight to europe and on a whim decided to book it. that same day i also quit my job. and two weeks later i was on a plane to london. I went from England to Belgium to France and finally a train station in Madrid, Spain. I got a job with a school on the Costa Del Sol in the very southern bit of the country. but i decided to take my time making my way south. I spent a few days in barcelona and one afternoon whilst walking around the city, i came across a giant group of people about my age, dancing, yelling, holding signs and chanting. I had never encountered a protest quite like it before, so i decided to stay on a watch for a little bit. gradually my watching turned to smiling, and my smiling turned to nodding and before i knew it, i had befriended a group of girls, gotten a sign and was marching along with the group. My Spanish is pretty limited, so i wasn't entirely sure exactly i was protesting, but it seemed like the majority were angry about student housing prices. having only recently finished school myself, that was something i could relate to. so for the next hour or so, i protested up and down the streets of barcelona. what a brilliant afternoon.

-The british eat anything and everything on baked potatoes (jacket potatoes as they call them) baked beans, egg and mayo, tuna, salad, anything. I know some people in the states eat more than sour cream and bacon bits on potatoes, but nothing like the crazy brits (and their former colonies). I had the best baked potato of my entire life in new zealand. it was giant, which was a good sign from the start. it had warm butter as the base, followed by sour cream, coleslaw, pineapple and topped off with a little cheese. whilst it may not sound like the most appealing thing to eat, it was phenomenal. try it and you will not be disappointed.

the point of all this is that tonight we are having spicy fajita jacket potatoes. mmmmm, tasty. here is my plate so you can have a good idea of what it is

looks yummy doesn't it. throw in some tortilla crisps, salsa and done! it's so quick and easy. I am aware that it is full of carbs, but every now and then, its a great meal. i highly recommend it.

and i think that is it. rhys just came in from rugby and since the baby is sleeping soundly, i think i would much rather spend my time with my wonderful husband instead of typing on a computer. enjoy your weekends everyone, i know i will.

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