6 April 2010

ode to michelle and laura (plus some wedding shoes)

ok, two things. first, the shoes. I have a wedding this week and for some reason, this wedding has caused me great consternation. i have bought and returned about 7 dresses. i have finally decided on one, but am still not entirely happy with my choice. and shoes....ah, dont even get me started. i need to wear heels with the dress i have choosen. but since i never wear heels, i have to buy some. so... here are the shoes i want. they are great, but a bit pricey (stupid kurt gieger). so blogging world, what do you think?

secondly, and most importantly, michelle and laura. Hello friends. i know you both read the blog and as its been a while since i have had a proper chat with either one of you, i am writing my hello's on the good ole' blog. for those of you that dont know michelle and laura let me tell you a little bit about them. They are fantastic.

laura understands me and my life in a way that no one else does. she is an american who is married to a brit. few people understand the joy, and difficulty, that particular situation can cause. Laura is such a lovely person, so sweet and kind. she was one of my bridesmaids too. she really is a one of a kind. her and her husband (who happens to be one of rhys' closest friends) live in boston. rhys and i aim to settle in boston long term. i cant wait until we live in the same city as laura! michelle is just as fantastic. she has so much personality its unbelievable. she is quite funny and full of energy; she will keep you on your toes. michelle too is caring and kind. she is also married to one of rhys' closest friends. we like to keep it in the family :)

laura and michelle are the kind of career people that i admire. they both have excellent jobs, in high ranking positions. they are hard working, determined, and successful. they work hard and deserve their status and position. i could go on about their qualities, but then i will run the risk of sounding a bit obsessive. so i will just leave it at both girls are great and i am lucky to know them.

ok mushy stuff over.

i wish we got a chance to hang out more often. shame we dont. i realise boston is a bit far away, but michelle lives in england!! michelle we really should hang out more. although i am looking forward to seeing you at the wedding on thursday. and now that my phone is fixed, i promise to call you both soon.


Anonymous said...

Kristina, How exciting I feel so famous to be mentioned on your blog! Your words are so kind, thankyou. I love love love the shoes you should definately get them, cannot wait to see you on Thursday and have a real catch up.
Much love

sarah beth hawk said...

thanks so much for the congratulations! we are very excited about this new season of life!
and, i think those shoes are divine! buy them!

Anonymous said...

Kristina~ thank you for the kind words, you are so sweet :) And yes, I too can't wait for you, Rhys and Eleri move to Boston- it will be so nice to have such a great friend close by.

I also agree that the shoes are gorgeous-you should buy them!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Wow, those shoes are stunning!!

Sohailah said...

those are amazing shoes! Glad you went with them!