14 April 2010

my flat

when i imagined my life ten years ago, nothing that i imagined came close to resembling my life today. and for that i am eternally grateful. the reality of my life is so much greater than anything i could have dreamed of. it is vastly different, but still amazing. Since i have lived in London, I have had lots of my friends back home ask me what it is like. thats a difficult question because how do you describe life? My attempt is this...pictures of my street and my flat. granted it is not a thorough explanation, but it is at least a glimpse of what it is like living in london.

this is my house. well, the white building on the far left is my building. the second window from the bottom is my front window. I love our front window. the amount of light that it lets in, ah! its heavenly.

this is my house, with a big red bus in front of it. i included this picture cause i love it. my house, with a double decker bus.

this is my street. i love my street.

Our bathroom. i can go to the bathroom, wash my feet in the tub and brush my teeth all at the same time. impressive, i know. our tub is about 3 and a half feet long and if i stand in the middle of the bathroom with my elbow on one wall, i can touch the other wall with my hand. so that should give you an accurate impression of the size. but it works for us. aside from when we have guests and it would be handy to have more than one bathroom, its great. granted we have had 17 house guests so far....so sometime its a bit tight :)

Our kitchen. It tiny. If i stand in the middle of the kitchen and stretch my arms out, i can touch both walls, it is that small. we have some cabinets, a stove top. thats it. it works, but if i am honest, its a tight fit. only one person in the kitchen at a time gets a bit annoying.

this is the way i walk to the corner shop. I put this picture in because it includes everything. it has a big red bus, the train line in the background, the traffic that is forever on my road, the pub on the corner and a glimpse of our local shop. this is my neighbourhood summed up in a picture.

and there is it. a few rooms in my flat and my street.


Katie said...

Ahhh!!! I love seeing where you live!! Can I come visit? Please??

kaw said...

i know the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence (or pond), but gosh. i'd take it! :)

Sohailah said...

love it! Thanks!

Lisa Ensor said...

I would LOVE to visit!!!