21 April 2010


the city is a completely different place when the sun is shinning. people come out in full force and the parks become just a packed as the streets. take for example, my local park on sunday.

but I absolutely love london in the sun. it is one of my favourite places to be. and it has been unbelievably sunny for the past few weeks. quite out of character for a UK spring. rhys and i took full advantage of the sun and city; it was a fantastic day out. i have included some of my favourite shots from the weekend

we tried to get some cute shots of ele with the flowers in hyde park

But she was more interested in pulling and eating the flowers than sitting still and smiling

family shot in the palace gardens

ele and me in front of the gates for buckingham palace

apparently rhys felt the need to point out buckingham palace. just in case you wouldnt have noticed it looming in the background.

e loves being on her daddy's shoulders

after getting lots of funny looks and people smiling in the direction of our stroller, we stopped and this is what we found. little ele was so tired she had just fallen asleep.

i hope the weather stays this nice for the rest of the spring and summer. i am looking forward to many more fun days out with my new little family.

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