18 November 2010

because its thursday....

as today is 'thankful thursday' i am forced to stop wallowing in my self pity, look around me and really remember what i am thankful for. because even with frustrating circumstances, there is a lot that i am grateful for.

I am very grateful that I have amazing friends. As i posted yesterday, its been a rather tough week. two friends in particular have really blessed me heart this week. thanks Devi and Katie. you are both very much appreciated.

I am grateful for a toasty warm house on these very cold winter nights.

I am incredibly grateful for my content baby daughter. i never knew what a gift contentment truly was until I had my little girl. her spirit is an inspiration to me. i pray desperately that she can keep her spirit of peace throughout her life; what an incredible blessing she will be.

I am thankful for great toy sales which has enabled rhys and i to get all the things we wanted for eleri for christmas at a fraction of the cost.

i am very thankful that it is thursday. which means tomorrow is friday. friday is rhys' immigration interview at the American Embassy. the last step for his green card. I am grateful the process is almost over. i am grateful for the mini-break the two of us will have in london.

which reminds me, i am really thankful (and excited) about Ikea on Friday.

I am thankful for online shopping which has allowed me to buy the necessary grocery's and toiletries even though i cant actually go to the store.

I am thankful for Sandra Boyton books. they are awesome. seriously. Ele and I can spend hours reading the same handful of sandra boyton books. Moo, Baa, La La La is our favourite.

and finally I am grateful, beyond words or measure, for my husband. he is stability in an otherwise tumultuous world. he is loving, faithful, compassionate and strong. he makes me laugh like no one else can. he truly is perfect. that hasn't changed since the day we met. i couldn't have dreamed of a better husband. i cant be thankful enough for him.

as an interesting side note, rhys is told often that he looks like david beckham. minus the insane amount of tattoos obviously. so i have included a few pictures of rhys and david beckham....there is a bit of a resemblance i must say, but clearly rhys is much better looking.

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