3 November 2010

what? 2 days left? ankjfhdsiuabfdskjfs

it is wednesday. the first of my 3 marathons starts bright and early friday morning. i only have 2 days. TWO DAYS until my marathon weekend begins. I like saying 'marathon weekend' because that is an expression that people use often to describe the business of their lives. when schedules are overflowing people will exclaim 'what a marathon week/weekend I have' However in my case it is literally a marathon weekend. a full 26.2 miles friday, saturday and sunday.

as a result of the grand total of 78.6 miles staring me in the face, every time i try to write something what comes out is....

"3 marathons, 3 days. 2 days left. aklfhiahfndskjnfladsk;fhadkjfnadsklfnkl 3 marathons, 3 days. only 2 days left ankfhaifnhdsknfksldfnhakjlsn oh my gosh what was i thinking?! 3 marathons! kighadsinfkldasfidkafnkldsnfl"

so instead of typing that over and over again, i have decided to include pictures of my favourite things at the moment. that way at least i can publish a coherent post instead of "3 marathons! akfhkiaeudjsancfidsafknkd"

I LOVE this man. not only he is unbelievably attractive (seriously, look at how cute he is!), he is an amazing father as well. little e cant wait until he comes home everyday. and believe me when i say she is attached to rhys at the weekends. they have a very special bond and i love that.

The BBC has a big fundraiser every year called Children in Need. They sell various articles in stores to help with said cause. little e was a big fan of these ears. she wears them pretty much all the time. here she is sporting the bear ears with her halloween costume over at the pub. e was a BIG hit.

It is a bit early to be talking about Christmas, but I saw this the other day and had to buy it. How awesome is this nativity? it is a puzzle that tells the basic story of Jesus' birth. plus it is 3D. I love it and e loves trying to put it together.

I have awful time management skills. that is probably the single biggest cause of stress in my life; i budget my time poorly and therefore do not end up accomplishing all the things i need to. my solution? the cupcake timer. i set it for varying times based on my activity and when it dings I have to move on to the next task. amazingly enough, it works! I waste far less time, and accomplish quite a bit more, since purchasing the timer. bonus that it looks like a cupcake.

little e's potty. thats right, we have started potty training. nothing intensive, but we are getting her familiar with the idea. About a month ago she was consistently letting us know when she needed a new diaper. I took it as a sign that she was ready. e saying 'diaper' and bringing me a new one, even when she had peed, was pretty clear. so we put the little toilet in the bathroom and every time we went, we put her on it. now she goes to the potty about 50% of the time on her own. but whenever we are in the bathroom, she pees on the toilet 100% of the time. I am pretty pleased with that result considering she is just barely 15 months old. she is no where near potty trained, but its a start. and because the toilet sings every time you sit down, or flush, or touch the toilet paper, little e loves it.

and this will be it from me until after the race. we leave thursday evening to drive down to the coast to sign in and get our accommodation sorted. we will be back sunday night with 3 marathons under our belt. wish me luck!

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Sohailah said...

Absolutely impressive. 3 marathons. love it.

I love how you love Rhys. That's how I am beginning to feel about Cowboy (only really a bit too scared to say it out loud...) typing it kinda freaks me out.