29 October 2010

i am a moron

i was all set to do a post about eleri; how cute and great she is. see? look how cute she is!

and then i discovered that i was a moron. big time. rhys and i are trying our best to provide for our little family. money is scarce. and in my brilliance i thought it would be a good idea to sign us up for the marathons, which total £465 in entry fees and accommodation. not something we could really afford, but we are stretching.

but as we have found out, it is not just those fees. we require gear as well. Apparently when one runs an ultra marathon, there is specific kit which one is required to carry. having never run an ultra marathon before, rhys and i were unaware of said rule. that meant we had to purchase additional kit. another expenditure.

and then, being as clued in and attentive as ever, i picked out a running shirt, paid for it and then left the store without the actual shirt. I purchased it on wednesday, it is now friday and just today i am noticing. awesome. there was a bit of a hulabaloo at the cash register and the shirt ended up getting passed to another cashier. and then it was rung up incorrectly and after about 5 times it finally worked, so i paid, took my fussy child and left. oh, and i promptly lost the receipt as well.

basically i am a crazy person who is going to go into the store tomorrow, a full three days after i bought the shirt, explain that only now i am noticing that it is missing and then follow up by not being able to produce a receipt. oh, and did i mention that i bought rhys a shirt as well? and whilst i made it home with his, it doesnt fit. but without a receipt we are stuck with it. again, awesome.

so instead of having a great day as it started out, i now feel like a deflated, wasteful moron. not cool. not cool at all.

but look at how cute she is?! so precious.


Lani said...

Oh my the cuteness should come with a warning!! she seems just the right balance to a crazy filled last couple of days. I love that even in the midst of thing not turing out, you can notice a precious smile and delight in her little life! You are such a great mom

Devi said...

You are NOT a moron.

Sohailah said...

She IS cute, you are NOT a moron - possibly all those miles on said feet have made it a teensy weensy bit difficult to remember EVERY DARN THING.

love ya!