21 October 2010

becoming a BRITISH citizen....

today is the day that i take my test to become a british citizen. all my life i have wanted another passport and today i take the first step to making that dream a reality. i am SO excited!

let me also say that i would NEVER, EVER give up my American passport. when i say another, i mean in addition to. for all the ways i have changed and come to appreciate european culture, i would never trade in my american citizenship. after all, WE are the best ;)

that said, i am still very excited to become a member of the EU. the ability to work and live in any european union country is awesome!

aside from citizenship, i would like to share a link to a friends blog. her post is about something that i have been struggling with lately and i think it is simply too good to pass by. her words must be shared. whilst she is writing from a "mother tending to baby" angle, the crucial point she makes is valid across the board. our daily situations are circumstantial. our goal is to glorify God regardless. go have a read, it is worth it for sure.


kaw said...

hope it goes well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sohailah said...

Good LUCK and Cowboy and I would LOVE to come for a visit - he's never been and I've never been with him - and it would be SO MUCH MORE FUN with a local... yeah - you, the British Citizen test passing LOCAL!

BrittanyMK said...

Hiii!! Thank you for your comment!! I just wanted to say you are SO lucky to get to live in the UK!! My hubby says that it's too crowded :(
xxo, b