14 October 2010

Olympic Hero

this is my dad.

he has always been really athletic. He played several different sports in high school and was even part of the track and field team when he was in college at the Univeristy of Oklahoma. so, yes, he is quite athletic.

when i was in high school my dad gave me all of his old medals. basketball medals from when he was in high school, track and field medals, and even his awards from OU. i was so cool. I am sad to say that i eventually lost all of his OU medals. I felt so bad. to be honest, i still feel quite bad about it.

But not all is lost. he has recently won some more medals! this past weekend my dad participated in the Senior Olympics and won two silver medals for track and field events!! WOO HOO!!

thats right, my dad is awesome.

this time around though, he has promised his medals to eleri. that is probably for the best. hopefully she can hang on to them a bit longer than i did!

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Sohailah said...

How FUN is that. Wow - you lost his medals - in a move?