12 October 2010

The Europe List

back in 2008 i posted 100 things about myself. I was reading over the list today and the majority of the list holds true. some have changed, and changed drastically. it is interesting how we grow. often in ways we never thought possible.

i like lists. lists of all kinds. i like that i made a list of 100 things about me because i liked going back and reading over it today. i like to do lists because its nice to have outlined what needs to be done, and its nice to feel accomplished when the tasks are completed. it is also nice to have a list and completely disregard it, having fun and playing all day.

i just really like lists.

i have had a 'Europe List' for a while now. things i want to do before we leave Europe. I made the list about a year ago. quite a few things have been crossed off, things like go to spain again, make skinny jeans a regular part of my wardrobe, learn to like wine, and teach ele sign language. But there is still a lot left. so i am adding the list to the blog. I will post it here, with the link off to the side. right next to my list of 100 things about me.

cause i like lists.

So here it is, the remaining items left on my 'Europe List'

*update: things accomplished have been highlighted in red*

-have a retreat at the Llangasty Monastery
-go to switzerland with rhys and the baby
-make spicy spanish pallea, the traditional way

-run a full marathon
-own a leather jacket

-take rhys to rome
-learn welsh, or at least take a welsh class
-get my BIG tattoo
-make pastry, the British way
-downsize on the shoes and clothes
-teach eleri her letters and colours (a work in progress, i know)
-really learn pilates
-solidify the green/organic change in my life
-one more game at Millennium Stadium
-make the most of the pub culture
-night out in London with Rhys
-go to Barcelona as a family
-Get my British passport
-make my own natural body scrubs and body washes
-take a day for myself and not feel guilty about it
-sail on the local lake with e and rhys
-make cod chowder bake, the British way.
-get e some staple British toys before we move back
-buy Jamie Oliver's travel cookbook.
-get my British drivers license.
-ogmore-by-sea one last time as a family
-london lights at Christmas time with e
-top of a double decker bus with e. (amazingly enough she has never been on one. even though she lived in london, surrounded by double decker buses for the first year of her life)
-go to blackpool
-climb pen-y-fan with the family
-get my small tattoo
-get rhys tickets to the wales/england game

as you can see, there is still quite a lot left to accomplish on my list. potentially we only have a few more months to try and do it all. we shall see. but there you have it. my Europe List.

*i should also note that the picture attached to my list was the picture i used way back int he day when i made the list. something about the dress, the grass, the running....it just seemed to fit me. and me in europe. so i am sticking with it!

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Stefanie said...

You better hustle if you're going to get it all done before you make it back! I think we should start making a list of things you want to do in the first year you are back in NWA, so you have something to look forward to and be excited about. Also, if any of those clothes you are downsizing need a new home, my clothes have really been missing their Kristina-hand-me-down friends for the past couple of years, so I could probably give them a home :)