5 October 2010


since i have recently signed up for 3 marathons in 3 days (see THIS post) I have obviously been running quite a bit more than usual. and i have had to find some more exciting routes to take. running up and down the same street over and over again can get tiring. i decided to take me camera out with me the other day to take some shots of what it is like where i live.

as i have a tendency to exaggerate, when i say i live in the middle of nowhere, i think some people take it as an exaggeration. it is not. i literally live in the middle of nowhere. i am surrounded on all sides by farm land and farm animals. nice running scenery, not always the best place to live.

yesterday i did 15K (about 10 miles) which is good considering what i have ahead of me in just 4 weeks. here is my run in pictures.

I am literally out in the middle of nowhere. if i am honest, this is some of the most peaceful and relaxing runs i have ever done in my life. but....everyday life proves to be something else. i have discovered that i am NOT a small town person. and that is reinforced every single day i am here. i recently did a facebook 'quiz' which said that the perfect place for me to live was New York City. hmmmmm, not sure that is the ideal city. but for now, i will enjoy my runs and be grateful for the beautiful landscape.


Susanna said...

Umm, need a running buddy?! Cause I'd run in these pictures every day, all day for free. Amazing and beautiful. Enjoy this season of life.

kristina said...

yes please!! come over and run with me!!