21 September 2010

fund raiser number 1: guess my time

i love to run. there is nothing else that really compares to the feel i get when i am out there, just me and my shoes, on the open road. nothing to distract me, nothing i have to do, no deadlines to meet, no meals to cook, no laundry. nothing. just me and my shoes. short distances, long distances, fast, slow. it doesnt matter. i love running.

and i have decided to take my running one step further.

i used to run 4 or 5 half marathons a year. it gave me something to train for, but also a wonderful sense of accomplishment after finishing each race. rhys and i used to train together as well, so it was a good way to spend quality time together as a couple.

then i got pregnant. and really sick. that slowed my running down quite a bit.

and then i got skin cancer. i had several operations and more stitches than i can count. and that brought my running to a screeching halt.

slowly i have worked my way back into running shape. and joy of all joys....i still LOVE running! and i have decided that its time to take my running to more than just a few half marathons here and there and some long runs on the weekends.

i am doing an ULTRA marathon in November. let me clarify. i would LIKE to do an ultra marathon in November. but i need to raise enough money for entry fees and charity benefit. I have managed to convinve my husband that he should do it too. so we will be running together! we have already started training. now its time to start fund raising.

fund raiser number one: guess my time.

the race that we want to do is the Pembrokeshire Costal Run. 78.6 miles over 3 days. basically a marathon a day for 3 days straight. awesome eh?

so i thought it would be fun for people to guess how long each leg, or the total, would take. and whoever is closest to our actual finishing time WINS! and what do you win you ask? double your money. lets say you contribute £10 for your guess. and you guess correctly. you win your £10 back plus an additional £10!! profit. sweet. of course i will accept normal sponsorship as well. but i thought the contest made giving your money away a bit more exciting :) you can guess just my time, or just rhys' time, our both of our times. lots of options!

outside of entry and fees, money raised is going to THIS charity. having dealt with, and still dealing with, skin cancer issues myself, this charity is near and dear to my heart. information and support are crucial and this organisation has provided me with both.

we have 3 weeks to try and raise all the money we need. not a lot of time, i know. So spread the word! any amount, small or large, is greatly appreciated. basically i am asking my friends for money. i feel a bit strange about it, but i am not sure how else to raise money except ask people. so please know that i am not entirely comfortable with this, but i am doing it anyway :)

if this sounds like something you would like to do please send me an email: kristina.williams0@yahoo.co.uk or just post a comment on how i can get in touch with you and i will do so. i really appreciate all your help towards the ultra marathon and towards the skin cancer foundation

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