21 September 2010

never before in my life....

have i had to change my entire running route because of sheep. yesterday i started my evening training run the same as every other day. out of the house, down the lane and up the hill to the next village over. only yesterday i was stopped before i even got to the hill. a farmer was herding his sheep from one pasture to another. and about 300 sheep were blocking the road. the sheep dogs were running wild and the farmer was sitting patiently in his defender 90, waiting until all the sheep has crossed over. I was not patient enough to wait and then get stuck behind 300 sheep as they walked down the lane.

can you imagine the conversation when i got home? "what took so long" rhys would ask.... "uh, i got stuck behind really slow sheep and couldnt run past?!" crazy.

so i ran a new way yesterday. and had to laugh because that has never happened to me ever before!

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