17 September 2010

things i love

e loves to say 'boo'. she will hide behind, around, in, and under anything to play peek-a-boo. i treasure these moments with e.

I love that this is a sight i see daily on my runs. even in the middle of no where, on a tiny country lane, i am reminded that i live in the UK. i smile every time i run by this.

basically i love everything in this picture. i love ele's new converse's. i love the multi coloured blanket. and i love her little turn up jeans from baby gap. she is a stylish kid.

I love that with rhys new job he can take time out of his day to be with us. we ate lunch together Wednesday and i am grateful for the flexibility that lets him do that. i LOVE my family.

I love these flower detail ballet flats.

i love being married to rhys. everyday i am reminded in new ways why saying yes to him was the best decision of my life. today in particular, because we have so much fun together.

it is fairy chilly over here; already time for scarves and jackets. and the leaves have started to change. i used to say that i loved boiling hot summer the best. i think it has changed. i absolutely LOVE sunny, cool fall weather.

e loves to immitate. whatever an adult is doing, she wants to do. my mother-in-law always takes time with the little one. even down to getting matching mops!

there is a tiny, hidden away spa in Covent Garden, London. I LOVE thier products. they are my one super girly splurge. they are fantastic face and body soaps, srubs and lotions. I will be bringing quite a few back with me when we move. they are fantastic!

i LOVE that i had the opportunity to be pregnant. lately i have heard so many heart renching stories about woman desperately trying to have children. i am eternally grateful that fertility was never something rhys and i struggled with. and even with the sickness and difficulties, i loved being pregnant. wouldnt trade it for the world!

Sunshine! because this is how i feel today, excited and ready to take on the world!


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Sohailah said...

I LOVE this post. fun and wonderful. and I LOVE you!!