1 September 2010

storms, they are a' brewin'

i can remember several occasions when i was growing up that we had to take cover in a closet or under the stairs because of tornado warnings. once my brother and i were home alone and sat in the under stairs storage unit for hours! when we finally came out, one of our windows had a tree through it and another was bent completely in half, hanging over our drive way. that tree made a great bouncy swing until my dad cut it down. once we took shelter in my parents closet, with a matress over our heads. another time we had to get out on the side of the road because they used to say it was dangerous to be in cars when there was a tornado. do they still say that? im not sure.

we dont get tornados in the UK. ok, i should rephrase that. technically the UK has more tornados than any other country in the world. but they are wimpy, pansy tornados that most people are oblivious to. they are not like oklahoma tornados.

i was reminded tonight that i am in fact in oklahoma, and we do have big storms.

i went to my nephews football practice, american football that is. (that was just for you mom) and about half way through the practice the dark clouds started rolling in, bringing with them the distant sound of thunder. within about ten minutes the first streaks of lighting shot through the sky. in a matter of seconds 5 primary school teams were cleared off the fields, parents were frantically gathering up their belongings and coaches were shouting out warnings to stay away from the fences and metal bridges. it was the calm, quiet kind of panic that comes from people who know what can happen, and are used to experiencing the worst.

oklahoma is hit more than any other state with severe storms and tornados. in my years here, i can think of at least two towns that have been completely levelled by the winds and rain that come every spring and summer. it is fighting, the power of God evidenced in nature.

little e has never seen lighting. or heard thunder. i just laid her in bed, as the wind and rain beat heavily against the window. i am hoping she sleeps through it. i am hoping she is not bothered by the new, harsh sounds. because the storms, they are a' brewin'

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Sohailah said...

That was a crazy one, last night, huh? I haven't been in a big storm in ages, here, being gone every Spring to the east coast. Where, like other places, they SAY they have storms, but they are nothing like Oklahoma storms.