8 September 2010

the lurgie

little e is teething. MASSIVELY. can you teeth massively? i am not sure, but in a 3 weeks 6 new teeth have come in. that is a HUGE amount. as you fellow parents out there can imagine, she is not happy about it.

i think i was quite spoiled with her at the beginning. she had 4 teeth before i even noticed. and a total of 9 came in without so much as a whimper. i had no idea what teething trouble was like. until 3 weeks ago. oh my goodness, i know now.

when we first arrived in the states, eleri had a bit of a virus. i imagined something she picked up from the airplane as she was eating off the floor, the tray table and even sharing snacks with another baby on the plane. i know, i am such a sanitary mother. if you need some hygiene tips, let me know ;)

and now my mom is sick. fever, nausea, yuckiness.

and now i am starting to feel a bit crap.

the lurgie is hitting our house.

rhys says i am just telling myself i am sick because i do not want to fly all the way back home with a one year old by myself. and that part is true. because not even a little, tiny bit of me wants to make that trip. it was bad enough the first time. lets just hope this leg of the trip doesnt involve a quarantine (more to come on that later)

right now i am off to tend to my screaming child. ugh. i hate the lurgie!

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