6 September 2010

9 years later....

i wrote an entire blog post tonight. it took me almost an hour which is unbelievably long for me because i type like a maniac. its true. i am a crazy fast typer. as soon as a thought appears in my head, poof! there it is, already on the screen in front of me.

but i am not posting it.

i am not sure why. perhaps its a bit too controversial. that usually doesnt bother me, but lately i have not had time to be super, SUPER on top of politics so perhaps it is because i feel i would not be able to defend my point enough? or maybe i just am not controversial anymore? nah, thats not it. whatever the reason though, i am not posting it just yet.

instead i will say this.

i have a wonderful husband, who although is far away from me at the moment, i know in a few days i will be in his arms again. i have a wonderful daughter whom i get to kiss and hold and love and laugh with and spend every moment of every day with. i have wonderful parents, and wonderful in-laws. wonderful friends. and i get to spend time with each and every one of these wonderful people. as much or as little time as i want.

9 years ago, that changed for 2,977* people.

2,977 people will never kiss their husband or wife again. they will never hold their children, or be able to even have a child. they will never see their parents, talk to their friends. they will never share a moment of laughter with their spouse or a moment of frustration with their children. every precious life giving breath was stolen from them.

2,977 people lost their lives on september 11.

it is easy to forget about it. it is easy to move on. yes, i do acknowledge that there is an element that makes it necessary to move on as well. but as we approach the 9th anniversary of such a tragic and painful day in american history let us remember those around us, whether we know them or not, that are living with unimaginable pain every day. to the friends and family of those 2,977 people september 11th is not just another day. it is a day that forever changed their lives.

as i am a mother, children are very near and dear to my heart. as a result of the attacks, roughly 1,300 children were left orphaned. 17 women gave birth to children who never got a chance to meet their father. fellow mothers, can you even begin to imagine that?

so as we draw near to september 11th, let us truly be mindful of the pain and suffering that surrounds this day. let us really lift our country and our fellow countrymen up in prayer. dont treat saturday like any other day, take the advice from Paul and "pray continuously". The Bible tells us to be a light on the hill, one that cannot be hidden. Be that light today to a country, to a world that is full of hurt, pain, anger and bitterness.

*the death toll number of 2,977 that i am using does not include the 19 hijackers. i do not feel that they deserved to be honoured or remembered.

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Lani said...

I love your heart for justice, it's moving.
I will look forward to reading your post that you spent a hour writing.
It was so crazy to read this post, because last night i let myself feel sad. I drove to a park and let myself be sad. September is a hard month. Every September 11, I grieve, and every September 16th I grieve. September 16 I lost my one of my best friends mom's.
Thank you for writing your thoughts, never stop sharing your heart, your words are powerful.
Thank you for the reminder of such an important day