11 October 2010


that is roughly $180,161,626.46 according to the exchange rate calculator. $181 million dollars. that is an insane amount of money. that was the Euro Millions lottery jacket pot this friday night. everyone in the entirety of Europe can play the Euro millions.

ONE person in the UK won the jackpot. ONE person in MY country won £113 million pounds.

I bought a ticket. two actually. and i would like to say that it was me. that i won the jackpot. sadly it was not. the person who won has yet to come forward and claim their prize. they will have a huge surprise when they check their ticket.

rhys and i buy a lottery ticket every time the jackpot gets massive. hey someone has got to win it right? why not us? and every time we buy a ticket we spend a good chunk of time deciding what we would do with the winnings. after we have taken out tithe and money for family, we contemplate what we would do.

we always settle on the same few things. of course we would buy some things. for example, a house in America, the UK and Australia. and a car that actually ran well. the new purse that i want. oh come on, who am i kidding? i would buy all the purses and shoes that i wanted.

but once we get over the stupid things we would buy, we always come back to organisations. Rhys and I both want to set up some charitable organisations. One for scholarships for kids who cant afford university, one for underprivileged kids in different countries, one for missionaries who need funding or missionary trips churches take which need money, one for....you get the idea. basically if we had won £113 million pounds we would have become philanthropists.

and it got me thinking. what would YOU do? So blog readers, whether i know you or not, whether you have ever posted or not, tell me. what would you do with £113 million pounds? or $181 million dollars if that is your preferred currency.

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kaw said...

after tithing and doing the responsible things...definitely a house in london. and one in the mountains here for brax. and i think i'd adopt some kids.