19 October 2010

some thoughts

i have a lot to say. i have even more on my mind. and that is the problem; i am not sure how to put everything that i am thinking about and everything that i want to say actually into words. i dont think anything would come out as a coherent sentence. so instead i will offer some short updates until i can get my head around what is going on.

-our 3 marathons in 3 days challenge is a LOT. it is ending up being a bit more than i had imagined. not only the hours involved in training, but the time spent fundraising as well. it has been a challenging trying to find 2 hours a day to run. and then on top of that make dinner, clean up, do laundry, make fundraising phone calls, gain support, and play with little e. to be fair we have had amazing support from the community. Swansea City Football club has donated tickets as have the Ospreys, and the Welsh Rugby Union. those are MASSIVE donations for our charity auction. not to mention the support of loads of our friends. the response truly has been tremendous. but all the same, I am glad that it is almost over.

-rhys and i booked tickets to go to Geneva, Switzerland on 19 November. we wanted a break after the marathons and we are visiting one of my dearest friends, Devi. Yesterday we got our immigration appointment from the US Embassy.....for the 19 November. We cant change it. and because we booked our tickets so cheaply and in advance, we cant change those either. so we are out the money for Geneva and cant even go. talk about disappointing. and devi doesnt know yet. (well, i guess you do know devi!)

-i am half way through my application for British citizenship. my test is thursday and my immigration appointment is two weeks on monday. but my swearing in ceremony is not until march.

-which means we are staying in the UK until March. i know, big announcement. I have such mixed feelings about it. but i know that i know that i KNOW everyone in our family needs to be free from immigration control. we needs green cards and passports respectively so that we can travel and live freely in either america or the EU. so we have no choice but to stay. to stay and to pay. all in all it will have cost us just over £10,000. awesome, i know.

-e is amazing. her comprehension is incredible. i am amazed daily at the little toddler that is my child. she is no longer a baby. i wish you all could see just how incredible she really is. little ele is seriously the coolest baby in the world.

and thats it. those are my thoughts. coming tomorrow? london weekend post! it was awesome!

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Sohailah said...

looking forward to tomorrow's post. So - dual citizenship for you? Wow - you have lots going on. Three marathons - can't even comprehend. seriously. you are something else.