11 November 2010

thankful for their sacrifice

Today is Armistice Day.

the 11th of november goes by many names. the historian in me prefers Armistice Day as a special remembrance to the First World War. regardless of whether you call it Veterans Day, Remembrance Day or Armistice Day the purpose is the same; to honour those both past and present who have so courageously fought for their country.

Over the years I have written quite a few posts regarding the military, my two favourite are this one and this one. I am constantly in awe of their courage and bravery and feel they deserve special recognition. which is why I love Armistice Day so much. A day dedicated to the service men and women of the world. It is a hard job they have, and whether or not you agree with the current conflict, it can not be denied that the soldiers of today deserve just as much respect and honour as the soldiers of yesterday.

the sacrifice soldiers and their families make is incredible, one I will never understand. but a sacrifice that I am eternally grateful for nonetheless.

I can not express enough gratitude for their service.

fellow blogger Whitney has started a thankful post every thursday from now until thanksgiving. basically a list of what you are thankful for. in keeping with that idea, this Armistice Day Thursday, I am most thankful for the incredible bravery, courage and sacrifice of servicemen and women.

without the sacrifices of soliders, both past and present, nothing else I am thankful for would be possible. It is because of their courage we can even have a thankful list. and i think that fact needs to be remembered, especially today.

That said, I am also thankful...

that I have my family here with me during the holiday season

that i have a healthy and happy 15 month old little girl.

despite torn cartilage, I am thankful that it is not any worse. i am thankful i have the ability to run in the first place.

that i have a wonderful husband who is happy to take care of me, without complaint.

that i have the experience of living abroad

i am thankful for US Marine Tim Wiley. Tim I put a cross in the courtyard of Westminster Abbery to honour your service on this special day.

snow covered mountains right outside my window

and once again, i am thankful for those who so selflessly defend our freedom. as the saying goes....freedom is not free. i am thankful for the people who fight for it day in and day out.

as a side note, i enourage all the readers to click this link HERE and read some of the greatest speeches of world leaders. theyy are encouraging and awe inspiring. remember the historical importance of wars past and reflect on the significance for our life today.

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