24 November 2010

busy times ahead

i just wanted to include a random picture of little e being cute.

that said, it has been a busy week. and i have a lot ahead of me in the next few days. some exciting and some rather not so pleasant.

little e is 16 months old today. she is so big.

my dear friend devi flies in today from geneva. i can not wait to spend some time with her. so very, VERY excited.

rhys goes away for the weekend. even with devi here, i will still be a bit sad to say good bye to the husband. i hate it when we are apart.

i have an MRI on Monday

i meet with a surgeon on Tuesday. i do not want to have surgery.

my new baby/toddler yoga book should arrive by wednesday. hooray!

and some little bits between now and then. not to mention decorating for christmas. granted as we really only have one room in the house that is ours, we will only be decorating one room, but still. a lot to do. so probably not a lot from me for the next few days.

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