2 August 2011

lots of my mind....and my plate

-We have officially purchased a lot! woo hoo for a big piece of land. who knew that one could get so excited over grass and some rocks. Our lot is pretty awesome though. not only does it face a pond and have a giant backyard space- the fact that we have purchased some land means that we are that much closer to actually getting our own space. woo hoo again!

-tickets have been purchased for our return trip to London. Since we originated in the UK when we flew here in April, we had a return back to the UK, but nothing back to America. We have rectified the situation and are now going to London in September and coming back the first week in October. very excited.

-it has been confirmed that we will have a new little niece or nephew the 5th of August. Rhys sister is due and having a c-section on Friday!! it is a surprise as to the sex of the baby so it makes Friday even more exciting. can't wait to see what it is!

- eleri is officially enrolled in school for the fall. we were on some waiting lists and i couldn't decide exactly where i wanted her to go, but it has been settled. she will be going tuesday/thursday all day starting 25 august. I am excited for the time to myself and eleri is excited to go. she asks about it quite often.

-I have recently become obsessed with pinterest. seriously, it takes up way more of my time than it should. But it is just so awesome. and some of the ideas of there are incredible.

-speaking of being obsessed, i have recently become obsessed with this map wall. I have always wanted a big wall of picture frames, but was never sure if it would be family pictures of what. after seeing this, i think it has been decided. This is awesome!! thanks awesome blog I will now obsessively follow!

-Rhys' birthday was yesterday. He is the most awesome person in the world, so he needed an extra awesome birthday present. Last year I gave him Paris as his present. Since it was extremely unrealistic to go to France this year, I gave him Memphis and Rugby instead. This weekend we are headed to Memphis, Tennessee with our good friends Jason and Sarah for the boys to play in a 7's rugby tournament all weekend. Rhys is thrilled. He has never been to Memphis before and he wants to play rugby so badly it hurts. a perfect birthday present!

-i have 3 projects i a working on. ok, 2 that i am really working on a 3rd that i have recently decided to start 'working on' since i discovered the map wall. 1.) refinishing some chairs. 2.) making a giant picture frame/jewelry holder and newly minted 3.) collecting maps. I am excited and it keeps me occupied.

and now the little one is starting to stir so I suppose I better go do the things I actually needed to do before she woke up from her nap.


sarah said...

yay for rugby! it's a great gift. plus, he gets the even more awesome gift of hanging out with me and jason all weekend.

Sohailah said...

LOVE it all. Want to see you again... wondering how that could possibly fit into life in the next nine days... possibly not. Maybe you and Rhys could make a date night to Bricktown in September?! Before you go to London...