16 August 2011

a new friend

this little guy

has recently made an appearance in our household. a little penguin that comes in his very own little igloo carrying case seems pretty cute. and it is. except every 4 hours when the little fella has to be filled with medicine and e has to have a breathing treatment.

We have been told before that e has childhood asthma. but we didn't really buy it. I know, awesome parenting to discount what the doctor says. but she never really seemed bothered by it except in rare instances, so we didn't think much of it. But it has flared up again. and her breathing and coughing could not be regulated by anything but our new little penguin friend.

our days (and nights) have been pretty consumed with breathing treatments, mickey mouse and lots of cuddles. we are decreasing the treatments to every 6 hours now, so at least we will all be getting a bit more sleep. hopefully little e will be on the mend soon!

until then, we are off for some more 'penguin medicine' as eleri calls it. bless her.

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