30 August 2011


This is Tesco.

To be exact, this is a picture of the Tesco that I frequented for the years I lived in London. For those unfamiliar with Tesco, it is the British equivalent of Walmat. There are some major differences- at Walmat you can get your oil changed while you grocery shop and buy at gun complete with ammunition. At Tesco you are pretty much limited to food, clothes and gardening tools. But they share the concept of large, super store with long hours.

I love Tesco. Yes, love.

(the above is a picture of the Tesco in Merythr, the one I used when we lived in Wales)

Today I went to Walmat. I wished it was Tesco. If I am honest, every time I go to the grocery store I miss the UK. Not for the food or the selection or organization. I miss UK grocery stores, Tesco in particular, because I miss being able to bag my own food. I can honestly say that it is something I had never consciously thought about, but it is so true.

I know this picture is not brilliant, but it was the best one I could find. You bring your basket to the check out. The check out people then scan your items and place them on a conveyor belt to ride to the end of the line where a big(ish) bagging area awaits them. You bag as your items come. once you are finished bagging, you pay and are on your way.

No hassle of 'oh I brought my own bags' and then dealing with the stares and loud, annoyed sighs. No going home to find smashed bread and bruised fruit because the teenage boy bagging your groceries could care less. You get to bag the way you want, with whatever bags you choose. It was easy for me; an easier way than what I deal with at walmat every time I go.

So even though it seems like a random little thing, I miss Tesco and the pleasure it added to my grocery experience being able to bag my own items.

Anyone know of a grocery store around that lets you still bag your own items? Or anyone completely disagree with me and are glad that stores do it for you? Curious your opinions on this.


Elizabeth said...

Try Aldi!

Sohailah said...

Yes ALdi is exactly like that and a branch from Europe. Seriously.

I love Tesco. And Marks and Spencer - they have really cool food, there...